I'm Audrey Amendolara

I've been doing & teaching business for almost 5 years now. Being self employed and entirely relying on myself for all that time, I've learned a lot about what it takes to ACTUALLY start a long-term business.

My Story

Growing up I never really felt like I fit in with everyone else. I didn't want to go to college, I barely graduated high school, and I hung out with the wrong crowd. One day I decided enough is enough as I was doing an injustice to myself. So then proceeded the beginning of my life as an entrepreneur.

What laid ahead of me was a lot of mistakes, tears, happiness, fear, joy, and most importantly freedom.

I started my business journey in 2020 doing branded advertising and dropshipping. With the success I found from this, I started venturing into other forms of online business and then eventually into teaching others.


Why I Do It


There are two main reasons why I started teaching business.

1. To help others like me.

When I first started, I felt extremely overwhelmed. There are so many different things to learn, so many people preying on me like sharks, and so many people promising to teach me things. It literally felt like I jumped into a swimming pool with sharks.

There are so many brilliant minds in this world who don't see or utilize their full potential due to self doubt. I was at one point just like that! Regardless of your circumstances in life, there is always a way and my goal is to show you that way.


2. We leave behind our character, not our personal belongings.

When my time passes on this earth, my nice car, nice clothes, or whatever, is not going to be remembered. What WILL be remembered is my character & those that I have helped or made a positive impact on.